Common Sense Massage
Common Sense Massage is a massage therapy practice dedicated to providing professional and quality bodywork in order to help clients optimize their level of wellness.
For those with high stress levels and chronic tension, Common Sense Massage offers its clients Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. Swedish massage, with flowing body-length strokes, beautifully induces deep states of relaxation. Deep Tissue massage, with firmer pressure and muscle specificity, releases chronically tight muscles and creates a more balanced state of being. By combining the two styles CSM clients experience a deeply relaxing and highly effective massage. Have the best of both worlds in one session!
For those with soft-tissue injuries, Common Sense Massage offers orthopedic massage. Orthopedic massage assesses the root cause of pain and uses various techniques for assisting the body in repairing muscle strains, nerve impingements, joint mobility issues and speeds injury recovery.  The body heals best when relaxed and often orthopedic massage sessions begin with Swedish massage for relaxation and then followed with orthopedic techniques to specific parts of the body.  
For those looking for the right massage therapist, you will find Greater Boston to be rich with experienced and talented massage therapists.  Style, skill, experience, location are important factors when choosing a massage therapist.   As an introductory offer, all new Common Sense Massage clients will receive a $10 fee reduction for a 60-minute session or $15 reduction for a 90-minute session.
Make massage part of your lifestyle.  Gone is the idea of massage simply being a once-in-a-while luxury service.   Massage is now recognized by scientific and medical studies for decreasing daily stress, preventing injuries, increasing a sense of well being and providing needed human touch for optimized health.    Common Sense Massage encourages you to make massage part of your lifestyle by offering discount package deals, convenient location with ample parking and weekend and evening appointments.
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Tom Perron, LMT 

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   Massage Therapy for Pain Relief and Relaxation
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